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How it works - The App

Your members download the free re-Course app from the Apple Store (Android coming soon). The App allows members to access your re-Course content, and they can search, review, and favorite it. More valuable features are being added every update.

How it works - Your Content

We work with you to take the content of your book, seminar or webinar and create a re-Course of it. Using our took-kit makes it easy, and re-Coursing can be done by anyone familiar with the content.

The re-Course is placed in our catalog, and you provide your tribe with a link and optional access key. Using the free re-Course App, they access your material on their phone. The delivery engine in the background sends them your content based on the schedule you provide.

As always, Team re-Course is working day and night to support you and provide any help you may need.

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How it works - The Money

You may choose to charge for your re-Course material, and we will collect the fee for you. Or you may add the fee to the cost of your book or course, and we will charge you a small per-member access fee.

For more details click on Get Started!, and we will find the best pricing method for you.

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