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Are you reading a great personal development book or attending an excellent workshop or seminar? Change the lives of others by capturing the key concepts in a re-Course deck that others can download into the re-Course app. Contact us to learn more about how you can contribute content and earn great re-Course rewards.

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If you have read a great personal development book, have attended a great personal development seminar, or maybe have some content of your own, contact us to learn more about our Contributor Kit, that allows you to create a re-Course and share with friends and on our cataglog.

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Turn a weekend fire-hose of learning into a few weeks of sipping from the gentle fountain of knowledge.

The best authors and seminar leaders have been doing this for a long time. They are there to cram you with as much as they can for the time you are with them. The rest used to be up to you. But now you can take a step back, and set the flow rate of the information that you want over the weeks that follow. Get new snippets at the rate you set, and set daily or hourly reminders. Share and comment on the content and many other features help you get top value from the content you have paid for.

The re-Course App is really helping me nail the big issues that I got from the weekend. Instead of drinking from the fire hose I get to sip a bit every day! Bill G.

As co-Founder of re-Course, I invite you to bring new dimensions to Personal Development. Join us at re-Course and let's make the world shine! Richard M.

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Conciousness is a local and a global experience. With re-Course you can find out about seminars, and connect with others before and